Chiroro is a character in the series Keroro Gunso.



Chiroro is a mischief-maker and very hyper. She uses the word 'Aloha' for greeting but she's also a very good-hearted and generous person,and loves her sister a lot. So much so that she succeeds in persuading Great Viper (who she believes is Dororo in disguise) to snatch Karara out of his 'relative's' hands (later revealed to be Keroro in disguise), who was trying to kidnap her. Like

Chiroro with Karara.

Karara, Chiroro also has an animosity relationship towards Tamama so Chiroro will help Karara to win Keroro's heart for his sister by playing pranks.


Chiroro is a yellow-colored Keronian. Her cap is white and cloud-shaped lines at the end of her hat flaps. Her eyes are large, yet her irises are small and color pale blue. Her symbol is a no-entry sign on her belly and forehead, counterpart to Karara's prohibition sign.


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