Nobibi Colour by Warp Chargon



Nobibi is a character in Keroro Gunso and Sgt. Frog.


Nobibi made his first appearance in episode 305 of the keroro anime. Also carries a small white bag that his friend Butt firecracker appears to live in. Nobibi is a tadpole. Nobibi use to live with Kiko.

Appearance Edit

is somewhat of a aqua-blue keronian tadpole, with a green helmet like that of Tororo's, but with a propeller on the top, as well as glasses. Also carries a small white bag.


Butt Firecracker - A helper to Nobibi and friend. At the end of episode 305 Nobibi find out Butt Firecracker can talk.

Keroro Platoon - The Keroro Platoon was one of Nobibi friends. There help him out by finding Kiko. Nobibi save the Keroro Platoon with Butt Firecracker.

Kiko - Kiko was Nobibi's partner. Kiko and Nobibi where one of the makers of gundams.


To see Nobibi in the Keroro episode see here in this "video".

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