Sumomo is an alien pop star in Keroro Gunso and Sgt. Frog.



  • Eye color - Black
  • Hair color - Pink
  • Symbol- heart
  • Symbol-Color: red

Sumomo's symbol is a red heart and is seen on her stomach and cap. In her human form, it can be seen on her shirt and on her hair.



In Volume 5, Chapter 29.5, "Sumomo, A Mission of Love", a young girl, named Haruyo, finds Sumomo. Sumomo does not know Earth's customs. Haruyo's father finds Sumomo, and like Keroro, was converted into a comic book character and is staying with Haruyo. She has a crush on Fuyuki.


Sumomo is a pop star. Like the comic book, she does not know Earth's customs, but Natsumi and Fuyuki help her. Unlike the manga, she does not have a crush on Fuyuki, but Keroro has a crush on her. Sumomo's song at the end of the episode is Koisuru Shooting Star.


Keroro - fan

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