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Tamama is a Keronian/frog like ailen. Tamama is private second class. Tamama is in the Keroro platoon in the series Sgt. Frog and Keroro Gunso.

Character Edit

Tamama is ranked Private Second Class in the Keron army's Armpit Platoon. He is the newest member in the planetary invasion troop, and also the youngest. His name stems from the Japanese word otamajakushi "Tadpole". While his age is unknown, Etsuko Kozakura has stated that she voiced Tamama as someone who was 19 years old. There is a small hint that he might be around 10 years older than Natsumi. In episode 122-b, he says that Natsumi is 10 years too young to hurt the Sergeant. He is a very faithful subordinate to Keroro. He also has a Crush on Keroro. After losing a match with Taruru, Taruru started calling Tamama Senpai instead of Master. Then after defeat in episode 103, starts calling him Master again.

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Tamama's body color is of a very dark blue in the anime and black in the manga. The symbol on his hat is the green-and-yellow (orange-and-yellow in the manga) wikipedia:Shoshinsha mark, which is used in Japan to designate a new driver, reflecting Tamama's young age, which is also apparent in his tadpole tail. The color of his afro, when seen, is red.


Tamama is possessed of a tendency to have mood swings that border on a split personality, just like his partner Momoka Nishizawa! Also known as Bi-polar. While usually gentle and cheerful, Tamama can become a vengeful
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, raving maniac at the drop of a hat. This change is usually accompanied by the sound of a balloon popping.

Tamama is also prone to fits of jealousy, usually towards anyone who gets near Keroro (especially Angol Mois, who he frequently refers to as "that woman"). Somehow when he's mad he will become happy so fast or make a face that look like he's embarrassed.

Speech mannerismsEdit

Tamama mostly ends his sentences with desū (ですぅ), a "cute" variant of desu (です), which is generally dropped when his other personality comes up.
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An Anime/Manga art of Tamama eating chips.


Having no powers at the time, Tamama was a commoner who witnessed the original Armpit Platoon's encounter with the Black Stars. This was the first time he met Keroro. He quickly grew to idolize him and gained his powerful feelings towards him lasted through out the years.

In the manga, volume 11, Tamama mentions Karara and Chiroro act like his brothers, maybe hinting that Tamama is the oldest of his siblings. Kururu is the 2nd youngest.


Tamama uses chi-like attacks in his fighting style. His standard energy attack is the Tamama Impact(in the Funimation dub, this move was changed to Tamama Crazy Breath or Tamama Smash, then later to Tamama Impact), where he spits a beam of energy out
180px-Tamama Dragon by AdmiralHowl

Tamama Dragon.

of his mouth. There also exist more powerful versions such as Hyper Tamama Impact, Neo Tamama Impact (used only in the manga), and Multiple Tamama Impact (first used in the first movie and later in episode 149). Another of his attacks is the Jealousy Ball, a parody of the Genki-dama from Dragon Ball Z, where Tamama channels the ambient jealousy and hate of those around him. In one episode, Tamama befriended a young boy who played soccer, and developed a special kick based on the Jealousy ball, the Jealousy Shot. In one episode of the anime, he combined the Tamama Impact and the Jealousy Ball in a fight against Paul Moriyama, resulting in a red energy beam that carried the punch of a Jealousy Ball. Tamama has many other abilities, such as Double Beam, Aichi Fist, Okayama Punch, etc. In his "super" form, Tamama is given the ability to fly, the T
Tamama Shiito Dama by emiemily

Tamama use his Jealousy ball.

amama Impact is far more powerful, and he gains the ability to discharge a huge burst of energy strong enough to overpower Taruru's Taruru Genocide GX. In the manga, Tamama can also open up portals in superspace which he uses to jump from location to location instantly but only in places he knows. Tamama can also use his farts for attacks by either drinking a ton of cola or sucking up a lot of air or inflating his stomach. So far, this attack has been seen in episode 177, Warrior Kero: Debut and episode 228.[cite this] It is shown that he is really strong. In episode 123b, he does pull ups easily while holding a rock almost as big as himself with his legs. Dragon Tamama Tamama was the first to be turned into a dragon by Shion.
COSMO TAMAMA by GaruGiroSonicShadow

Tamama dess up as Cosmo.

As a dragon, Tamama resembles a Chinese dragon without the hind legs, his hat becomes two bushes of hair on the sides of his mouth. His main attack is the Tamama Impact.


Tamama likes junk food and sweets (especially candy, cake, soft drinks, and potato chips) and physical training (he has his own private training room in the Nishizawa Mansion). In the anime, Tamama is diagnosed by Pururu with high blood sugar because of his love of sweets.


Tamama's least favorite sound is nails on a chalkboard. He also dislikes Angol Mois and often calls her "that woman" as he considers her a rival for Keroro's attention. Despite this, Mois seems blissfully unaware of Tamama's hatred towards her. According to episode 123 (where the Kawaru alien shows a person's biggest fear), Tamama's biggest fear (although he does not show much fear towards it) is seeing his lovely self. Along with the other members of the Keroro Platoon, Tamama is afraid of the Butt Firecracker.


Nishizawa HouseholdEdit

  • Momoka - According to Momoka, she found Tamama "on the street". In the manga, Tamama went to Momoka's birthday and hostile aliens started to attack him. In exchange for Momoka saving his life, Tamama promised to be her pet. The two bonded due to common traits (mood swings that come across as split personalities and determination to win the hearts of the ones they love) and Momoka became Tamama's partner. Both sides of Momoka care about Tamama (the good side calling him "Tama-chan", while the Inner Momoka calling him "Tama-ko"), and Tamama calls both "Momo-chi" as a sign of friendship. Momoka met Tamama when she was in the 1st grade.
  • Paul - Paul also considers Tamama a member of the Nishizawa family and he is willing to serve him as well.


  • Keroro - Tamama's best friend, who he affectionately calls "Gunso-san". Tamama often goes to extremes to try and earn his affections, despite this, Keroro considers him a faithful subordinate and friend.
  • Taruru - Previously an apprentice to Tamama, Taruru admires the Private, calling him "master". When he joined the Garuru Platoon, he began to consider him an equal.
  • Angol Mois - Given Mois' closeness to Keroro and Tamama's mad crush on him, Tamama views Mois as a rival. Mois was at first oblivious to Tamama's affection for the Sergeant. The two fiercely compete, but will ally, albeit reluctantly, when working to a common goal.
  • Joriri - Tamama doesn't know Joriri although Joriri knows him.


  • When he is 10 years older, he will still have his tail (episode 234-b).
  • This also indicates that in episode 108, when he is turned into an adult, he is at least 10 years older because his tail is gone.But his white skin on his face is still there.
  • In volume 11 he claims he has younger brothers, maybe hinting Tamama is the oldest.
  • Fan's often give him deep purple or amethyst eyes in fan-art.
  • He once said in front of the platoon that he wanted to have a dangerous love affair with the Sarge, but they did not take him seriously because the platoon thinks he is straight and they were drunk.
  • The fart fumes you see when Tamama was in the bag in his debut episode had saved Saburo and Kururu when they first met.
  • Tamama's FUNimation voice actor is also the voice of Mad Moxxi from Borderlands
  • Despite popular controversy, Tamama is actually bisexual, not homosexual. He loves the Sergeant but he also falls in love with an alien woman named Sayuri in episode 108.
  • Tamama's farts are five times smellier than average Keronian farts.


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