In Keroro Gunso, Tororo is a member of the Garuru Platoon. He is ranked recruit. He is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi.


Tororo is a salmon-colored Keronian. He wears a green helmet. His symbol is a circle with 3 attached rectangles sticking out. He likes junk food and doesn't ever seem to stop eating it; he types with just one hand as a handicap. He is referred to as a hacker and has apparently been a
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nuisance to Kururu at some time prior to his first appearance. He also has a laugh that has a "Pu-pu-pu" sound compared to Kururu's "kukuku." Tororo's glasses have circles as opposed to Kururu's spiral glasses.


He has a personality like Kururu but never could figure how to out hack him. They went to military school together and Tororo acts like no one is better than him. He is proved wrong
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Tororo side view.

when he thinks he has taken over the Keroro Platoon.


  • Kururu - Tororo hates Kururu a lot.
  • Garuru - Tororo's leader.