aka Sgt. art

  • I live in a Pekoponian Country/U.S.A.
  • My occupation is To help people in need.
  • I am a pekoponian girl.
  • Tails10546

    Billy Hatcher

    January 27, 2013 by Tails10546

    Today I was palying Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and then I was thinking about Billy Hatcher. When I was a kid I use to play his game. Now I feel like I want to play his game now. I still think it's kind of weird that Sonic and other people in Sonic team are in eggs in the game. Like the rest of his firends, there got funny names. His friends are Rolly Roll, Chick Poacher, and Bantam Scrambled. I also saw that the photos in blogs are fix, yay!

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  • Tails10546

    Funny Christmas day

    December 21, 2012 by Tails10546

    A black looking tadpole comes in a silver room with all kind of stuff. This tadpole had a silly looking yellow hat with a symbol on his hat is the green-and-yellow. He also had the same symbol on his belly. And had a tadpole tail like all tadpoles. But this was no tadpole you will see...Oh no, this was way more than a tadpole. This was a tadpole alien that was call a Keronian! Well he does have a name. This Alien tadpole name is Tamama. Also lets get back to the story. "desū!" say Tamama but no one was in the silver room. This silver room was the meeting room where Tamama talks to other Keronians and a Angolan name Angol Mois. Tamama look all over the meeting room but no one was there. Tamama look up at the calendar and was Christmas was com…

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  • Tails10546

    Dororo the fly

    November 19, 2012 by Tails10546

    I made this funny photo call Dororo the fly. The green words on there is what Keroro put on there. I hope you like it P.S. I'm bad with computer art. Also I have a Dell (That's a computer)

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  • Tails10546

    Sgt. Dark Frog

    November 18, 2012 by Tails10546

    Sgt. Dark Frog is my new series that is fully original. I will have fan made people in this but they will look like the pekoponian people in Sgt. Frog. The word dark is in it becasue Dark Keroro is main character. I have make up names for the ailens that look like Fuyuki and Natsumi. Also if you don't know the alines that look like Fuyuki and Natsumi look at the end of Keroro Movie 3 ending. I hope you will like it.

    P.S. I know Miruru got out of the Platoon but she will be back.

    • Dark Keroro
    • Shivava
    • Doruru
    • Miruru/Nazca
    • Fuyuik (The ailen that look like Fuyuki)
    • Natsuk (The ailen that look like Natsumi)
    • Momikn (Fan made ailen character that look like Momoka but with yellow hair)

    That's for now! When I'm done with the 1st script make sure to read it!


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  • Tails10546

    Do you like spicy curry?

    November 17, 2012 by Tails10546

    The 1st time the word curry come up for me was in Kururu page on the Keroro Wiki. But YOU like spicy curry?

    Plz give me a comment about this video!

    Thank you!

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